About me

My name is Kassim Majid Ahmed .
    I am pure Zanzibari , I live at shangani (stone town) . I was born and related in Riyami families and kithir which is the first families is part of my father and second part of my mother. I am a science student which I have already finished advance level of Sunni Madressa high school .The subjects that I picked are of pure science which are Biology , Chemistry , Physics (P,C,B) and Pure Mathematics  and General studies (G.S) I have finished, while waiting for the time to go university to learn about Medicine.
     You may see it certainly or unnecessarily to be an artist and a science studies, as I explain ,My lifetime because I am of both science studies and Art in regarding my Art which is named
KAM-AHSARI QURANIC ART.  The name of my title is originated from my Family including my name  which is KASSIM MAJID AHMED SALIM RIYAMI. Due to this art it is believed that I have inherited by Elders' of Riyami Generation in OMAN. The originality of Riyami people are called Nabahaniy, Nabahaniy people belonged to the Kingdom of Suleiman bin Suleiman ibn Mudhaffar Nabahanniy where after they have traveled a long the ocean they settled to the cost of Oman due to the strong blowing of wind.Its a long story, but after they settled to the south of Oman where are mountains called Riyami, from that source  A changing their tribe to Riyamy . But the most interesting thing is in their relationship with king Suleiman kingdom where after settled in Lamu and Pate they use to draw certain pictures iin relation with mine, sewing of Arabian coat (Jokh) and baibui dress for girls. building  of   Masjid, since 601 Hijriyyah.
      From them I believed according to the speech History of these people that I have inherit and copied within my blood without knowing. But the most important it's the Art it self, the Message within the Art is what signifies the Beauty of QUR-AN .

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