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When prophet Muhammad (pbuu) left the world 1400 years ago where he left us with two things( the holy book (QURAN) AND THE SUNNAH).

Which these two things are of fundamental base of holy religion of Islam. The spirit within the  SUNNAH is the same within HADITHS of the prophets and   HADITHS QUDSSI of ALLAH same as in the HOLY QURAN ,but only when you define those three terms comes with different definitions.

The verse from Suratul tawbah (chapter of confess/forgiveness) says:

“And say ooh (Muhammad) do work ALLAH will create easiness in your work”

Same as in hadith says:” this is the hands that ALLAH likes the most and his prophet”

And this was one of the Sunnah that prophet use to do many of his work by bare hands. I take a chance to explain the inspiration behind my work and hopefully will be a great advice to enlighten our vision.

              The Quran has inspired art and frames the Muslims way of life to become better mentally and physically. For instance the verse of throne (ayatul kursiiyyu) narrated in several hadiths that it protects a Muslim from all evils when he/she use to recite the verse and believe on it.You may come up with the question that” how words can protect Muslim and give a mental peace on considering those are just letters and I am a human being?, you may see people are developing by setting technologies of machines that can protect a person physically, some by using bodyguard?

       The comes that ALLAH is above them all because ALLAH have frame a Muslim life by being protected by ANGLES if and only if can faith on him. The verse of throne is the shield of Muslim by many evils ,if you by faith that ALLAH IS MY PROTECTOR than recently when you just read the angles comes down to protect you  because every letter in the HOLY QURAN IS PROTECTED BY THEM that’s why the KAFIR  can’t change  Quran .ANGLES  have many responsibility one is to settle of a Muslim ,as a result it creates mental peace and physical protection.

      Secondly Quran has manifested the resembles of pieces of lands appears to resemble to the islands of Zanzibar (among UNGUJA AND PEMBA) by virtues and fortunes, it mention in Suratul –Raad verse 4 which says. From which those virtues and fortunes we should thank ALLAH (S.W) each single day. The resemblance’s of those pieces of land comes through the trees of coconut, dates, and cloves and so on, for which they have incredible sign if a person will think and set in their mind. One I can say after the considering of improvement, preparation, advertisements of understanding the importance of clove look the economy of Zanzibar being boosted slowly slowly and have create a great difference  from where we are and how and where are we going to have afterwards .So I great development of Zanzibarian and Zanzibar government and it must not come to ignorance to other trees like coconut and dates trees , it might be our chance to be the most coconut and dates trees around the world. Because it comes with only one reason that is the geographical area (temperature, composition of air, and water (INDIAN OCEAN)).

        Thirdly my brothers and sisters in Islam and in the whole humanity, Quran is the fountain of knowledge of nature and encourages to a Muslim acquire it.Quran didn’t consider the do’s and don’ts only but it have consider the spirit within the do’s and don’ts and the life of a MUSLIM and even a NON MUSLIM, because it is a book for a whole humanity .it is mention in Suratul-Ammbiyyaa verse 107 “And we have sent thee not as a mercy to the whole world”.

  We may get from this verse the knowledge of nature i.e. the word “rahma” in the QURANIC MEANING means light, forgiveness and so on, but if you resemble with a candle and I drew it in my QURANIC ART you may see it resemble. The appearance of candle give the significance of verse to the candle that is rahma (light) to whole humanity , no poor people  no rich people who doesn’t use candle.

      Also Quran provide scientific facts. In the QURAN there are thousands of verses which talk about scientific facts. For example, I drew a coffee pot which I inscribed with Suratul- Attur verse 19which talks about a philosophical statement “what you eat and drink is your habit or behavior”, because the nourishment you get is build up by your food and drinks. You may say how?    

       The hormone and enzyme are major soldier and regulators of your body .for your maintenance of your behavior is the maintenance of hormone because they depend on food and drinks provided. It comes to any food and drinks its nourishment whether beneficial or harmful to you. It give understanding of pig ,and other things which are haram to you.

That’s why in Quran there is do’s and don’ts for the self-hygiene of Muslims and Non-Muslims (all Humans.
There are many more I would like to advice my brother and sisters. In humanity so as to be one

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